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March 22nd - April 4th

Birds of Passage

Opens March 22nd at the Regent Square Theater

From the Oscar-nominated team behind the genre-defying EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT, comes an equally audacious saga centered on the Wayúu indigenous people during a crucial period in recent Colombian history. Torn between his desire to become a powerful man and his duty to uphold his culture's values, Rapayet (José Acosta) enters the drug trafficking business in the 1970s and finds quick success despite his tribe's matriarch Ursula's (Carmiña Martínez) disapproval. Ignoring ancient omens, Rapayet and his family get caught up in a conflict where honor is the highest currency and debts are paid with blood.

Co-directors Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra have created a sprawling epic about the erosion of tradition in pursuit of material wealth. BIRDS OF PASSAGE is a visually striking exploration of loyalty, greed, and the voracious nature of change.

125 minutes / Rated NR / Drama directed by Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego / Starring Carmiña Martínez, José Acosta, Natalia Reyes 2018 Colombia | Denmark | MexicoLanguage: Wayuu | Spanish | English

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Opens March 22nd

Out of Blue

Opens March 22nd at the Harris Theater

The hunt for a killer draws a detective into an even larger mystery: the nature of the universe itself. Mike Hoolihan (Patricia Clarkson) is an unconventional New Orleans cop investigating the murder of renowned astrophysicist Jennifer Rockwell (Mamie Gummer), a black hole expert found shot to death in her observatory. As Mike tumbles down the rabbit hole of the disturbing, labyrinthine case, she finds herself grappling with increasingly existential questions of quantum mechanics, parallel universes, and exploding stars—cosmic secrets that may hold the key to unraveling the crime, while throwing into doubt her very understanding of reality. Awash in dreamlike, neo-noir atmosphere, this one-of-a-kind thriller is both a tantalizing whodunnit and a rich, metaphysical mind-bender.

109 minutes / Not Rated / Mystery directed by Carol Morley / Starring Mamie Gummer, Patricia Clarkson, James Caan / 2018 USA | UK

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