Distant Voices, Still Lives

March 24th


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Sun, Mar 24

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Distant Voices, Still Lives: March 24th

Ripped from his own childhood growing up in '40's and '50s Liverpool, Terence Davies' brutal but poetic feature is a filmed remembrance following the lives of an extended working-class family through their joys and sorrows. Davies has a keen eye and ear for the rhythms of popular culture, in particular the music, radio and popular cinema of the period,  presenting a complex notion of British culture in the ’40s and ’50s. The film will be introduced by the executive producer Colin MacCabe, English academic, writer and film producer. He is currently a distinguished professor of English and Film at the University of Pittsburgh.

Terence Davies transposed his memories of working-class 40s and 50s Liverpool life to the screen with admirable vision and determination, in his own uncompromising manner, and the result is a film with a universal resonance. Generations of family life are summed up in a handful of weddings, funerals, domestic routines and moments of leisure. But rather than capturing them like a common snapper, Davies renders them like an old master. There's a calm, painterly sensibility to his meticulously composed and executed shots, his warm, sepia-tinted colours and pristine costumes. There's so much pain, it's amazing that the end result is so joyous.”

Steve Rose - The Guardian

85 minutes / Directed by Terence Davies / Starring Pete Postlethwaite, Freda Dowie, Angela Walsh / 1988  UK | West Germany