Eat! Films - PGH Restaurant Week

Aug 14-20


Check back for showtimes.

Mon, Aug 14 to Sun, Aug 20

In partnership with 412 Food Rescue & (Try 412’s coffee at our concessions!)

** Special Events: 412 FOOD RESCUE NIGHTS!  **
Fri. Aug 18, 7:30pm, Harris Theater
Sat. Aug 19, 8:30pm, Melwood Screening Room
Talk sustainability and win some 412 Food Rescue swag during our intermission raffle.

For Pittsburgh Restaurant Week (Aug 14-20) we are excited to present a program showcasing sustainable, inventive, and community-based food practices from Pittsburgh and around the world. Featuring Hot Docs award-winning feature Just Eat It, two time James Beard award-winning documentary series The Perennial Plate, and exclusive previews from a new local online project with some of Pittsburgh's most exciting chefs.

$5 shorts ( + The Perennial Plate) - 1hr

$7/8 feature film (Just Eat It) - 1hr 15min

$12 full program ( + The Perennial Plate + Just Eat It) - 3hr with intermission

(2016, 76 min)

We all love food. As a society, we devour countless cooking shows, culinary magazines and foodie blogs. So how could we possibly be throwing nearly 50% of it in the trash? This award-winning documentary is about food waste and rescue that brings farmers, retailers, inspiring organizations, and consumers to the table in a story that is equal parts education and delicious entertainment. Featuring TED lecturer, author and activist Tristram Stuart and acclaimed author Jonathan Bloom.

(2017, 15 min)

The new Pittsburgh-based project presents meal-in-a-minute videos with some of Pittsburgh's most exciting chefs. is developing an online resource to give people a new way to answer the everyday question "What's for dinner?" Featuring: Dinette, Bar Marco, The Twisted Frenchman, brunoise, Station, Senti, Whitfield, Thin Man Sandwich Shop, Mesa, and Spork and more.

(2011-2017, 45 min)

From a vegetarian turned cattle rancher to a love story from the Ceylon tea fields of Sri Lanka, these 16 shorts give a glimpse into the lives, commitment, and ingenuity that farmers, families, communities, and small business owners from around the world express through food. Plate’s 5th Season (out late 2017) will focus on positive short films about Immigrants and Refugee families in the US.