March Film Kitchen

Mar 13


Check back for showtimes.

Tue, Mar 13

7:00pm reception, 8:00pm screening & discussion with artists
$5 - includes complimentary Pizza, Popcorn, and Drinks 

Artists include S'nS Twins, Kirsi Jansa, Sofia Caetano, Danielle Kogan and Crystal Fortwangler.

"Farm Life" & "DONUTS WITH SOFIA - The Donut Box" - by S'nS Twins

"Sustainability Pioneers: Finding Our Power" - by Kirsi Jansa
The 10th and final episode of Sustainability Pioneers follows how one of the world’s most sustainable buildings, the Frick Environmental Center in Pittsburgh, rises from the ashes, and how the City of Pittsburgh takes a different road after president Trump reneges on the Paris climate treaty. We meet Bill Peduto, the mayor of Pittsburgh, and Renee Lertzman, PhD, climate, energy and climate change consultant and engagement strategist, for their insights on how to help people move from "climate melancholia" to climate action.

"Coisa Bela" - by Sofia Caetano
Linda can't live without looking pretty. Her daily appointment at Felizberto's salon is her sacred ritual and the most meaningful part of her everyday routine.

"The Soy," "Work to do Today," "Leeches in a Jar," & "The Creation "Myth" (Grown Ups Only)" - by Danielle Kogan 
A series of witty and inventive animated shorts giving informed commentaries on politics, religion, and society.

A RATS CRIB - by Crystal Fortwangler
A witty, former street rat with a penchant for quoting movies opens up to his new life as a fancy rat. He beats his depression, reminding us it is never too late to try.