Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge

Mar 2 - 8


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Fri, Mar 2 to Thu, Mar 8

March 8, 8pm screening - co-presented with University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Introduction / Q&A with Carolyn J. Anderson, PhD. Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh. Anderson is a radiochemist who leads a research group developing radiolabeled agents for nuclear medicine imaging and cancer therapy. 

In 1903 the scientist Marie Curie (Karolina Gruszka) was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize for Physics together with her husband Pierre (Charles Berling). But only a short time later, just in her mid-thirties and as a young mother, she loses Pierre by accident. In a world dominated by men, she makes her way steadfastly, continues her research alone, and is the first woman to receive a chair at the Sorbonne in Paris. When she falls in love with the married scientist Paul Langevin (Arieh Worthalter) after years of mourning and engages in an affair, her professional career becomes enmeshed with societal shame. The personal and professional story of Curie resonates with how far we have come and have yet to go in moving past patriarchal expectations. A remarkable woman whose discoveries opened the door for advances in engineering, biology, and medicine, her life offers insights into the changing role of women in science and academia over the past century.

Marie Noelle, 2017, USA, 1h 40min