Queen Nanny: Legendary Maroon Chieftainess

Feb 23 - Mar 1


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Fri, Feb 23 to Thu, Mar 1

Black History Month
​Join us throughout the month of February as we celebrate Black History Month with a series of documentaries and docu-fictions honoring black female pioneers past & present.

QUEEN NANNY documents the struggle for freedom by the Jamaican Maroons, led by the indomitable 18th century military genius, Nanny of the Maroons. She was a queen captured in her homeland, and forcibly transported across the Atlantic Ocean in the belly of a slave ship. In the New World, she would eventually rise up to become the leader of a new nation – of free Africans. However, not many people outside of Jamaica know of the legendary ‘Nanny’, one of the most celebrated, but least recognized heroines in the resistance history of the New World. Queen Nanny is the only female among Jamaica’s seven national heroes, yet most of what is knows about her comes through Maroon oral history and folklore, while very little is written about her in historical texts. So, who was this herbal healer, prophetess, and African warrior queen? Conceived by award-winning Jamaican-born, American filmmaker, Roy T. Anderson, and history professor, Harcourt T. Fuller, this landmark documentary examines this mysterious figure that is Queen Nanny of the Maroons.