Silent Screams: The Cat and the Canary with live score by Richard Nicol

Oct 28


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Sun, Oct 28

ALL SEATS $10 - no Screenie, student or senior discounts

Join us at the Regent Square this October for a three nights of silent-era horror classics on the big screen with live musical accompaniment! 

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THE CAT AND THE CANARY (1929) with live score by Richard Nicol
Sunday, October 28, 8:00pm

THE CAT AND THE CANARY is a 1927 American silent horror film adaptation of John Willard's 1922 black comedy play of the same name. Directed by German Expressionist filmmaker Paul Leni, the film stars Laura La Plante as Annabelle West, Forrest Stanley as Charles "Charlie" Wilder, and Creighton Hale as Paul Jones. The plot revolves around the death of Cyrus West, who is Annabelle, Charlie, and Paul's uncle, and the reading of his will 20 years later. Annabelle inherits her uncle's fortune, but when she and her family spend the night in his haunted mansion they are stalked by a mysterious figure. Meanwhile, a lunatic known as "the Cat" escapes from an asylum and hides in the mansion.

About Richard Nicol
The founder of Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers, Richard has obsessively worked to create meticulously designed, beautiful instruments, which are both accessible to beginning sound experimenters, as well as infinitely extendable for professional musicians and producers.