Feb 9 - 15


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Fri, Feb 9 to Thu, Feb 15

Black History Month
​Join us throughout the month of February as we celebrate Black History Month with a series of documentaries and docu-fictions honoring black female pioneers past & present.

Shot entirely on an iPhone 5S, Sean Baker’s micro-budget buddy comedy was a standout at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival for its true to life casting and portrayal of trans sisterhood between two fiercely individualistic women surviving the streets of Los Angeles. The day she is released from a month-long stint in jail, Sin-Dee (Kiki Rodriguez) meets up with her friend Alexandra (Mya Taylor), who reveals that her pimp Chester has been cheating on her with a cisgender woman.

Before signing on to the film, Rodriguez made one request of Baker. “She said: ‘I trust you, I want to make this movie with you, but you have to promise to show the harsh reality of what goes on out here. These women are here because they have to be, and I want you make it hilarious and entertaining for us and the women who are actually working the corner.’” - The Guardian

“We have to remember to stay together as one, as supporters, as lovers, as sisterhood and brotherhood … this is what is making waves in the industry. For me, it's tidal waves.” - Kiki Rodriguez

Sean Baker, 2015, US, 1h 27min