The Laurel and Hardy Laugh Challenge

Jan 26


Check back for showtimes.

Sat, Jan 26

With the new biopic STAN AND OLLIE hitting the Regent Square on Friday Jan 25th, it seems only fitting to revisit the world's greatest comedy duo and some of their most beloved work. Hosts Dan Kamin and David Newell will lead audiences through a program of side-splitting shorts on one of Pittsburgh's biggest screens!

And for anyone not already familiar with Laurel and Hardy's films, we are ready to issue a challenge...  LAUGH OR YOUR MONEY BACK!  We feel confident enough in this challenge to even sweeten the prize a bit more...a tub of popcorn, two tickets to any upcoming Filmmakers film, and another surprise or two.  Here's the line up: 

In Liberty the boys are escaped convicts who end up stranded on the girders of an unfinished skyscraper, where thrills alternate with the laughs. Blotto finds Stan sneaking out on his suspicious wife to join Ollie for an evening of forbidden fun at a night club (prohibition was still in force). In Helpmates Ollie foolishly asks Stan to help him clean up after a wild party before his wife returns home. Finally, in their Academy Award winning short The Music Box, the boys struggle to deliver a piano up the longest flight of stairs in movie history. 

As a special bonus the theatre will screen the uproarious pie fight finale from Battle of the Century, for which more pies—over 3000 of them—were baked than for any pie fight in movie history.