The Paper

April 28th & May 1st


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Sun, Apr 28 to Wed, May 1

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Playing April 28th and May 1st at the Harris Theater

Once we booked one newspaper film starring a hometown hero (Jeff Goldblum), we couldn't help but think it was time to revisit another classic film about journalism starring another hometown hero, Michael Keaton.  Ron Howard's "The Paper" gets a lot of things right about working on a newspaper, and one of them is how it screws up your personal life. Henry Hackett (Michael Keaton) is an editor at the New York Sun, a tabloid paper facing financial cuts. His pregnant wife, Martha (Marisa Tomei), pleads with him to get a more respectable job so he can spend more time with his family. Hackett is considering an offer from another paper, with fewer hours and higher pay, when he gets his hottest story in years. When this scoop leads to a burst of violence and a conflict with his new boss, Alicia (Glenn Close), he faces a startling moment of truth.