March 15th - March 21st


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Fri, Mar 15 to Thu, Mar 21

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Opens March 15th at the Harris Theater

As a boy in Jamaica, D witnessed his brother being shot dead as he was trying to make peace between hostile gangs with the help of a mega dancehall sound system. Ten years have passed since then. It’s 1983 and D works as a drug courier and dealer in London, where his girlfriend Yvonne is now living with their child. Still bent on avenging his brother’s death, this is where he picks up the killer’s trail. 

Jamaican immigrants have been shaping London’s street life and atmosphere for decades; Jamaican music dominated the city’s music scene in the eighties. Versatile British actor Idris Elba has adapted Victor Headley’s hit novel for his directorial debut in which he brings the atmosphere of this era strikingly to life. Jamaican Creole, or Patois, dancehall and reggae form the soundtrack of this epic story of revenge set in a community that is fighting for its rights, and whose propensity for violence is growing proportionally to the protagonist’s sense of despair.

101 minutes / Rated NR Strong language, violence / Crime, Drama directed by Idris Elba / Starring Antwayne Eccleston, Fraser James, Aml Ameen / 2018 UK