Bushwick Bill: Geto Boy

August 24th


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Sat, Aug 24
Director: Gregy Roman
2019 / 90 min. / DCP

Bushwick Bill: Geto Boy is an intimate portrait of the legendary gangsta rapper Bushwick Bill, reflecting on his turbulent life both on and off the stage. Known for his hardcore lyrics, his size, and his missing eye, Bill recounts his highly controversial life as one of the original Geto Boys. Filmmaker Gregy Roman offers up a rare glimpse into the rapper’s life as the two discuss Bill’s journey from Jamaica to the mean streets of Bushwick, Brooklyn, his pioneering rap career, and the infamous shooting incident that almost took his life. The film offers insight into the history of hip hop, the complexities of the music industry, and reveals the many facets of the man, Richard Shaw, his persona, Bushwick Bill, and the blurring of the lines between the two.

Director Gregy Roman was raised on hip-hop culture, skateboarding, and underground cinema. After attending Pittsburgh Filmmakers, he moved to Los Angeles and began honing his craft on numerous music videos, films, and commercials. He cut his teeth working for diverse and noted filmmakers like Errol Morris, Barry Levinson, Dick Wolf, and Roger Corman. These experiences helped him to immerse himself in the filmmaking process as he found his own voice and style. He took the natural but difficult leap to directing and producing projects for Banksy, Vans, Obey, Hurley, 6 Point Harness, Volcom, and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Before his journey into filmmaking, Gregy was an employee of the United States Postal Service, an exiled comic-book repairman, a failed athlete, and a vet of the drug war. Currently, he films, writes, bullshits, and resides in Los Angeles.