+ The Perennial Plate shorts

Aug 14-20


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Mon, Aug 14 to Sun, Aug 20

(2017, 15 min)

The new Pittsburgh-based project presents meal-in-a-minute videos with some of Pittsburgh's most exciting chefs. is developing an online resource to give people a new way to answer the everyday question "What's for dinner?" Featuring: Dinette, Bar Marco, The Twisted Frenchman, brunoise, Station, Senti, Whitfield, Thin Man Sandwich Shop, Mesa, and Spork and more.

(2011-2017, 45 min)

From a vegetarian turned cattle rancher to a love story from the Ceylon tea fields of Sri Lanka, these 16 shorts give a glimpse into the lives, commitment, and ingenuity that farmers, families, communities, and small business owners from around the world express through food. Plate’s 5th Season (out late 2017) will focus on positive short films about Immigrants and Refugee families in the US.

I Tell My Children: Ana Navarro, a farmer in Jaroso, Colorado explains her value structure: where good food and time spent together supersede material goods.

An Act of Resistance: Chocolate isn’t just a sweet treat. It is a food steeped in history and spirituality that has lost its place in Mexican agriculture and production.

Tea for Two: A love story from the Ceylon tea fields Sri Lanka.

The Butcher Shop: With many small businesses struggling to survive, this family butcher from Lismore, Ireland, has been in the trade since the 1600s. Note: contains a real account of meat production, that viewers may be sensitive to.

For Place and For Animals: Keri Brandt, a former vegetarian and Gender studies professor, shares her newfound truth of raising/eating animals after marrying into a Colorado Ranching Family.

Joseph’s Fields: Charleston’s Joseph Fields Farm has been in the Fields family for three generations and has gone from organic to conventional and back again.

Game Changer: What is a food desert? A food swamp?  Beverly Grant of Mo Betta Green MarketPlace in Denver, Colorado explains the problem, and a solution through this animated short.

Stand Up: This is the story of Phakamani, a young farmer teaching rural South African youth to grow their own food as part of the Thanda after school program.

Our Heat Within Us: Mayan refugees from Guatemala, Francisco and Lucia came to Colorado in the 80s. Through farming with their community and growing plants indigenous to Guatemala, they have been able to hold onto a piece of their home.

Homeward: Tired of people leaving their community in Hidalgo, Mexico for the US, this is the story of one group of farmers’ efforts to keep people home… using organic oregano.

Dumpster Diver: A father dumpster dives in the early hours of the morning at Trader Joe’s to supply his family with over 75% of their food.

Refugee Garden: A brief interaction with a Bhutanese in Atlanta who are part of a community garden that gives refugee farmers a piece of land to grow vegetables.

The Second Law: Spending a day and night in the life of a generous Nomadic Berber family living on Todra Gorge in Morocco.

Beyond The Break: The story of a group of pro surfers who left the international circuit to grow organic vegetables on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

For Udon and Country: Shimizu San wants to defy the negatives of globalization through farming good ingredients and making good noodles.  

A Portrait of a Chef as a Young Woman: Dublin’s Katie Sanderson is a nomadic cook who follows her passion from project to project. It’s less about being a Chef and more about cooking good food for others.