Monsoon Wedding

May 6 - 27


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Sun, May 6 to Sun, May 27

Presented with Silkscreen

In 2018, PF/PCA and Silkscreen will be exploring some of the most important films from the past 70 years in Asian cinema, including the classic directors that brought Asian films to American audiences for the first time, and more recent classics that show Asia’s central role in global cinema. A new film will be presented each month with an introduction by local experts and enthusiasts.

MAY: Monsoon Wedding
Sundays at 6pm, May 6, 13, 20, 27

A story set in the modern upper-middle class of India, where telecommunications and a western lifestyle mix with old traditions, like the arranged wedding young Aditi accepts when she ends the affair with a married TV producer. The groom is an Indian living in Texas, and all relatives from both families, some from distant places like Australia, come to New Delhi during the monsoon season to attend the wedding. The four-day arrangements and celebrations will see clumsy organization, family parties and drama, dangers to the happy end of the wedding, lots of music and even a new romance for the wedding planner Dubey with the housemaid Alice.