Oscar Nominated Short Films- Documentary



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Fri, Feb 24 to Sun, Feb 26

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Melwood Screening Room

This annual program features Oscar nominees in the Documentary short film category.
(161 min) Program is appropriate for ages 16 and up.

Joe’s Violin – dir. Kahane Cooperman, USA, 24 minutes
In Joe’s Violin, a donated musical instrument forges an improbable friendship between 91-year-old Holocaust survivor Joe Feingold and 12-year-old Bronx school girl Brianna Perez, showing how the power of music can bring light in the darkest of times and how a small act can have a great impact.

Extremis – dir. Dan Krauss, USA, 24 minutes
EXTREMIS is a verité documentary exploring the harrowing decisions that doctors, families and patients face in urgent end-of-life cases. Oscar-nominated filmmaker, Dan Krauss, gained exclusive access to the intensive care unit of a public hospital to take an intimate look at the intersection of science, faith and humanity.

4.1 Miles – dir. Daphne Matziaraki, USA, 22 minutes
Kyriakos Papadopoulos, a captain in the Greek Coast Guard, is caught in the struggle of refugees fleeing the Middle East and traveling the short distance from the coast of Turkey to the island of Lesbos. Despite having limited resources, the captain and his crew attempt to save lives during the immense humanitarian crisis.

Watani: My Homeland – dir. Marcel Mettelsiefen, UK, 39 minutes
Four young children live with their mother and father, a Free Syrian Commander, in a warzone in Aleppo, Syria. After their father is captured by ISIS, the children flee with their mother to Goslar, Germany, in a years-long journey that will test them all as they try to find a safe home in a foreign country.

The White Helmets – dir. Orlando von Einsiedel, USA, 41 minutes
Brought to you by the team behind the Oscar®-nominated film VIRUNGA, “The White Helmets” is set is Aleppo, Syria in early 2016 as the violence intensifies and follows three volunteer rescue workers as they put everything on the line to save civilians affected by the war, all while wracked with worry about the safety of their own loved ones.