July 5th - 11th


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Fri, Jul 5 to Thu, Jul 11

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Director: Joe Dante
Cast: Bradford Dillman, Heather Menzies, Kevin McCarthy, Keenan Wynn, Barbara Steele, Dick Miller
1978 / 95 min. / DCP

See the classic summer blockbuster the way it was meant to be seen, on the big screen!  Special double feature pricing with Jaws! 

When two teenagers skinny-dip near a government testing lab, they accidentally unleash ... Piranha. Half Jaws spoof, half fishploitation powerhouse, Piranha details the horror of mutant, man-eating piranhas determined to ruin a beautiful summer by the lake. Produced by Roger Corman and written by John Sayles, the “best of the Jaws rip-offs,” according to Steven Spielberg, is Joe Dante’s hilariously gory contribution to B movies in a time when the genre was transfroming from drive-in fodder to box office blockbuster.

From Gremlins to Innerspace, from The ‘Burbs to Small Soldiers, director Joe Dante is a master of transforming genre pastiche into peerless entertainment. His love of 50s sci-fi and horror make Piranha a rare delight with fledgling SFX guru Rob Bottin's puppet fish a wonder to behold.