Survival of the Dead

October 13th


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Sun, Oct 13

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Director: George A. Romero
Cast: Alan van Sprang, Kenneth Welsh, Kathleen Munroe, Richard Fitzpatrick, Athena Karkanis
2009 / 90 min. / DCP

Introduced by Suzanne Desrocher-Romero

Individual tickets for each film are $10 – no screenie cards or discounts will be applied, except for University of Pittsburgh students ($8). Passes for the entire series are available for $100, a savings of over $75!  All pass purchasers will receive additional giveaways and be entered into a drawing to win prizes!

Romero always loved westerns, and with his final film, he got to make one, an old-fashioned cowboy movie in zombie drag. Continuing the trajectory begun in Diary of the DeadSurvival of the Dead follows Diary’s rogue national guardspeople and other survivors as they make their way through a zombie-filled landscape and, eventually, towards Plum Island. An isolated island dominated by the Muldoons and the O’Flynns, old-fashioned Irish families locked in a blood feud with each other, Plum Island’s sparse population means its zombie chaos is comparatively limited. But far from being a respite, the tensions between the two families get increasingly violent as their contradictory approaches to the zombie apocalypse leave the two clans ever-more squarely in opposition to each other. Romero always planned on further installments to his second zombie saga, but Survival proved to be a fitting conclusion, a satirical allegory about humanity’s need – and inability – to come together, even in the face of greater, more urgent, flesh-eating dangers.

“This is exactly what makes Romero a great political filmmaker: when he condemns wrongs, he never assumes those wrongs exist on their own … and it’s through the improvement or failure of characters that he demonstrates the possibilities or failures of society.”