Sword of Trust

August 2nd - 15th


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Fri, Aug 2 to Thu, Aug 15

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Director: Lynn Shelton
Cast: Marc Maron, Michaela Watkins, Jillian Bell, Jon Bass
2019 / 89 min. / DCP

When Cynthia (Jillian Bell) and her wife Mary (Michaela Watkins) try to hawk a Civil War-era sword inherited from Cynthia’s grandfather at a pawnshop, Mel (Marc Maron), the cantankerous pawnshop owner, and his infantile employee Nathaniel (Jon Bass) try to get the better of them. The sword, however, comes with a dubious history: the grandfather claimed the relic is proof the South won the Civil War. It isn’t long before the coveted “prover item” draws the attention of conspiracy theorists and the two duos join forces to sell the sword to the highest bidder. The journey that ensues takes the group on a tour through the deep South and the minds of the locals who inhabit it.