The Commitments

March 17th


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Sun, Mar 17

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The Commitments: March 17th

Regarded as one of the best Irish films ever made, for St. Patrick’s day, we bring The Commitments, directed by Alan Parker (Fame, Pink Floyd - The Wall, Evita). Based on the 1987 Roddy Doyle novel and set in the northside of Dublin, the film tells the story of Jimmy Rabbitte (Robert Arkins), a young music fanatic who assembles a group of working-class youths to form a soul band named "The Commitments". Thrill at the soundtrack chock full of classic soul songs.

“What a concept: a frank, entertaining and utterly believable movie about the sweet, small victories and fatal screw-ups of a young rebel soul band straight outta the Dublin ghetto, starring real musicians and singers whacking away at great R&B crackers from the sixties.” Susan Granger, American Film Classics

Probably of all my films, The Commitments is the most liked — particularly by critics. I think the film captures a litlle of the spirit and spunk of the working class kids in Dublin’s Northside. I also hope it catches some of the wit and wisdom of Roddy Doyle’s original novel. The film probably succeeded because, although it’s set in Dublin, it’s about the hopes and dreams music brings to young kids everywhere, from Finglas to Philadelphia and Memphis to Minsk.” - Alan Parker

118 minutes / Directed by Alan Parker / Starring Robert Arkins, Michael Aherne, Angeline Ball  / 1991 Ireland | UK | USA